When you buy a product you are given shares in E11even on a 1:1 basis (R200 contributed = 200 shares) This automatically gives you shareholder status. This means that when E11even makes changes all customers and owners of products in E11even will be required to contribute to the decision making process by voting. For example, if E11even wants to increase the interest rate on a product, instead of sending you an email informing you of the change, you will be asked to vote for an option provided like 2%, 5%, or 7%. The winning vote will be the outcome of a collective decision-making process made by all the customers.


* Please note that regardless of how many shares you own, you will only be given one (1) vote for each voting event. One hundred shares do not equal 100 votes.

This model is based on a cooperative bank model. To read more on E11even please go to this article

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